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Knowing the difference between emotions vs states...

is the secret to creating 

The Moment of Impact

Authenticity + Emotional Branding = Emotional Branding Design

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Anne Leedom

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Studying people...


I have been doing this since I can first remember. Family, friends, and eventually in the workplace. I started my first business at 16, my first marketing agency at 19 and moved on to corporate sales after obtaining my Journalism degree. 


Becoming a mother and eventually a solo single mother led me to developing Leedom PR, a premier consulting and PR agency in 1999. Years of working with more than 1000+ clients globally and thousands of media outlets online, in print, TV and podcasts, taught me the unique qualities that lead to conversion, audience retention and longevity.

Emotions are not states. Emotions are not feelings. Emotions are not moods. Emotions are a unique process that occurs physically in every human being.  In those 'emotional moments of impact', profound connections are made. 


Emotional Branding Design

Design an Emotional Matrix Unique to Your 

Business, Life and Relationship

The proven path to building lasting connections in our lives, both professionally and personally. 

The revolutionary new emotional communication matrix for creating powerful heart-centered relationships based on trust, loyalty and connection.

Get Ready...
Get Ready...

Learn the components of Emotional Branding Design

Branding Webinar
Branding Webinar

Design Your Personalized Emotional Matrix

Audiences that Respond
Audiences that Respond

Create Your Moments of Impact

Get Ready...
Get Ready...

Learn the components of Emotional Branding Design


90-Day EBD Consulting Course with Anne Leedom

            Learn the Scientifically Proven Elements of Emotional Branding Design that Create Connection and Loyalty


            Design Your Personalized and Authentic Emotional Matrix & Integration Strategy for Your Marketing Materials

            Create The Moments of Impact that Build A Sense of Belonging with your Audiences or Clients


            The 90-Second Branding Ignition Switch to Capturing the Hearts of Audiences and Building the PR Surge

We all have a 6-second moment of choice...the moments of

determine how we will affect people's lives and build connections.

6 Seconds. 

"An emotion is an immediate physiological response to a perceived stimulus. Chemicals are then released throughout our body that last about six seconds.​ Emotions continuously regulate every living cell to adapt to emerging threats and opportunities. They provide raw data about the world around us that is essential to our functioning."​


"Anne’s Emotional Branding Design has been invaluable in helping me to shape my potentially complex messages regarding the benefits of good nutrition, which are passed on through the generations. She opened the door to wide exposure on media outlets that connect me with the audiences I want to reach. Working with her has been a pleasure and I look forward to continuing our relationship into the future."

~ Judith Finlayson, Best-Selling Author of You Are What Your Grandparents Ate