"Touch people's hearts and you will have the profound capacity to create Moments of Impact"


~ Anne Leedom                                                                      

Imagine if you had the power to determine exactly how to emotionally connect with others....how to create 'the moment of impact' that will define your connection and build loyalty and trust.


You choose the moment and the purpose. All in a highly authentic and organic way that removes the "convincing wheel' and builds a mutual and lasting relationship based on a true sense of belonging. 

This is the power of Emotional Branding Design.

Life comes down to the moments of impact we create. Powerful connections happen in seconds. They seem random and often, they are. Change the random nature of your emotional connections and you will create the moments of impact to guide and inform your connections and master profound relationships, your career and the life of your dreams.​

Emotional Branding Design is about understanding what real emotion is about and learning how to then create connections to bond personally and professionally based on that authenticity. Build trust and loyalty and you will create connections who will embrace you, support your business, share your message and remain in your corner.



Anne Leedom is a graduate of San Jose State University’s School of Journalism. Anne began her professional career in sales and marketing working with Fortune 500 companies including General Mills and Purina Mills. After more than 12 years in a successful career in fortune 500 sales and marketing, Anne’s interests shifted when she became the mother of two daughters. ​​​​​

Her passion for Parenting, Child Psychology and Journalism led her to develop her current expertise in working with authors, experts, thought leaders, life coaches, speakers and products to develop their media campaigns. Utilizing her skills in Emotional Branding and a growing list of clients, Anne formed Leedom PR, initally known as Net Connect Publicity, in 1999.


As the Founder of Leedom PR, Anne and her team, which includes both of her adult daughters, provides content for many top tier channels of the Internet, including Parenting, Spirituality, Business, Health, Relationships, and General Interest. 

Anne specializes in developing Emotional Branding Design and brand awareness to cultivate long-term loyalty for her clients. This allows Anne to remain a unique and effective solution for individual and corporations who wish to develop a global online branded presence that becomes recognizable, sharable and memorable.

Anne has strategically influenced and developed the online expert campaigns and/or Emotional Branding for many well known authors including Dr. Laura Schlesinger, Anti-aging expert Dr. Lionel Bissoon, Dr. Alan Greene, Today Show Parenting Contributor Dr. Michele Borba, Joan Borysenko, Lionsgate Film, The Shack, and Academy Award Nominee Diane Ladd.


She also specializes in helping authors who are not well-known by creating a national online platform to increase their credibility, strategically position their Emotional Branding Design and to develop global loyalty with their audiences. Working as a passionate advocate on behalf of her clients, Anne creates results that have become a trademark of Anne Leedom Consulting. 

Anne has been quoted in national online and print publications, including Parents, Parenting Magazine, Christian Science Monitor, Fox News, Redbook, and National Public Radio. 

Anne is based in California.