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Leedom PR has positioned more than 6000 experts, life coaches and speakers throughout the media since 1999. Placements include leading lifestyle websites reaching millions. Our clients have secured TV news and talk shows including The Today Show, Dr Phil, Good Morning America, E! Entertainment, CNN, Fox News, Katie Couric, The John Walsh Show, The Doctors, Dr Oz, and countless other regional and national media. Leedom PR provides a proven strategy for success, both in securing placement and in attracting media outlets to our clients for interview requests. 



"Anne Leedom provides the professionalism and the results that give my books and my site the momentum they need. She worked with me to create my brand and position me as the GO-TO resource in my area of expertise. Her placements both online and on national TV outlets, gave me the credibility and exposure to take my business to a global platform. I couldn't have succeeded without her expertise, creativity and connections."

Dr. Michele Borba; Author, Parenting Ongoing Contributor - The Today Show  

Dr. Borba had written one parenting book when we connected in 2001. She has since written more than 3 dozen books, appeared on the Today Show and other national media hundreds of times, and was presented with opportunities far beyond her initial reach and her goals. She dramatically increased her fees for speaking and is a highly sought-after media expert globally. Her exposure and credibility and exhaustive diligence has helped her to secure opportunities she never would have considered without the media and branding we created.


We developed her Emotional Branding based on empathy, then positioning for her as the Go-To expert for character education gave her a unique voice that resonated globally. Dr. Borba has credited me in her books repeatedly and dedicated one to me personally. Working with Michele Borba has been a powerful, insightful and magical journey, as I raised two daughters in the process. I credit her strategies in helping a single mom raise such caring and amazing young ladies.

Dr. Sherrie Campbell .png

"Working with Anne has changed my life personally and professionally.  It has been a dream come true to see my work published and featured on national media sites, and became a sought after media expert for national TV.  


She followed through on everything she said she would do, and she knew exactly how to position and promote my unique brand. Anne is professional and brilliantly creative. Working with her has opened my career into a whole new world."

Dr. Sherrie Campbell, Author and Relationship Expert,

Dr. Campbell had recently written her first book on relationships and had an active practice in Southern California. We began working together, changing her website presentation, branding and creating highly impactful content to position on several leading websites. She was soon positioned with Good Morning America and E! Entertainment and other national TV outlets. Dr. Campbell continues to grow her business and is a sought after media expert.

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