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Why Prominent Media Experts Avoid Mass Content Syndication

Its affordable, you can reach thousands, its simple and it is considered the common strategy for Internet Publicity. Your publisher, your traditional publicist and colleagues all inform you this is how its done, so you proceed with Ezine articles and any other form of mass syndication to “get the word out”.

Unfortunately, experts who take this path aren’t aware of one crucial mistake they are making. In providing content to mass syndication sites and to publicists who claim they can get you on hundreds of sites overnight, you are giving up virtually all control and direction of how you want your content presented online. Its a bit like taking a child who needs day care and sitting them on the street corner in the morning with a sign around their neck that says “need day care…return by 5:00 please.” You would NEVER do that with your child so why would you do that with your life’s work?

When you mass syndicate your content, it goes into a bin, its posted, picked up by other sites that have no reason to follow copyright or presentation protocol and thus you have now positioned yourself as a “fast food expert.”

Now you have a wonderful opportunity to be on a very prominent and relevant website who can truly help you to create an impact, but when the editor researches you and your content they quickly determine the kinds of sites you provide your work to and they choose to pass. Prominent websites want experts who are selective and discriminating about where they promote their work. They have many experts to choose from who don’t send their content around the Internet in this manner and are more likely to work with experts who make this distinction.

Its not a hard and fast rule, but when you consider the time, effort and money any online outreach requires, why not target the best possible sites first? You can be positioned repeatedly on a few of the most prestigious sites online. Other sites will take content from those sites, but due to their size and disclaimers, they will be cautious to make sure all copyrights, bios and links are left in tact.

Once your content is online its nearly impossible to pull it back or change it. When you work with agencies who have control of the presentation and location of the content you avoid wasted time and precious funds, and you leave the doors open to securing truly relevant online promotion.

© Copyright 2023 Anne Leedom

Anne Leedom is the Founder of Anne Leedom PR, a premier online branding and placement agency for experts, authors and products. Anne is featured regularly in national media and has provided the branding strategies for many of today’s leading experts. For more information visit and

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