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The Crucial Tool That Builds Best-Selling Brands

One of the obstacles that plague all authors and experts is the fact there are just so many other experts in every topic in today’s world. Distinguishing yourself from others in your area of expertise is the most important marketing activity you will pursue. You can secure the most highly visible media placements available, but if you are not memorable and unique, and if you don't clearly show why people need your work, all of your efforts will be in vain.

Here are four crucial things you need to know to begin to build your brand.

1. Website 101: Once you present yourself to the media, the first thing most journalists, producers and editors will do is to review your website. This is your golden opportunity to showcase who you are, why your work is unique and to leave a lasting impression. Many authors and experts make the common mistake of displaying their products and their books, leaving the most important aspect of creating an impact virtually untouched. The goal is to build an awareness of your brand or identity with your site visitors within the first ten seconds of visiting your website.

2. Craft Your Pitch: Once you have successfully positioned your identity on your website, the next step is to craft your pitch to the media. You need to control how you’re positioned with the media, right down to the moment of placement. When you are placed on a website with several other experts in similar topics, it is crucial you have the appearance of being unique from these experts. Don’t present yourself as a “parenting expert.” Present yourself as a ‘bully prevention expert” or “tantrum expert”. Do your research and find a way to present your content within your topic in a way that no one else has taken on.

3. Create a Tag Line: A strong and memorable tag line can be very effective in helping you to create a unique brand that means something to someone. Your tag line needs to express the benefits of your work in a short and catchy way. It needs to answer the question “why should I care about this expert's work?” Once you have this magical branding tool, use it on every piece of promotional materials you create and distribute. Continuity is key at this phase.

4. Design Your “Look”: Using strong, bright colors can project a very different message than soft, pastel colors. Your colors and images will draw a very specific audience and need to be taken into account when you create your website and your logos. Most people would recognize a box of Cheerios even without the actual text on the page. Utilizing your personal color scheme in a continuous way throughout all of your materials, along with your logo and your tag line brings your work to a highly memorable and effective place.

Moving a step beyond the well-crafted website and effective content will pave the way for success with your publicity efforts. In the online world you are placed right up against a large number of experts, many who are not perhaps as credible as you may be and others who are highly credible. You need to convey a specific message and a presence for you and your work in order to see the results you want.

People buy from people... so let people know who you are and why you can make a difference in their lives.

© Copyright 2023 Anne Leedom

Anne Leedom is the Founder of Anne Leedom PR, a premier online branding and placement agency for experts, authors and products. Anne is featured regularly in national media and has provided the branding strategies for many of today’s leading experts. For more information visit and

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