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Get the attention of national, regional and local media for your new products or service, or position your expertise in front of the media through highly targeted press releases. Working with Leedom PR to create releases that stand out and are picked up by journalists, producers and editors will take your brand to a new level in exposure.

Press Release Creation

We work with your branding, messaging and related information to provide a timely and intriguing press release that will get the attention from the media to create interest. In addition to Leedom PR direct outreach, this is a highly effective way to create momentum for your products, services, and to build your platform as a thought leader and go-to resource.  We will help you cull relevant research and produce a highly engaging and timely release that media respond to. Consistent releases will solidify you as the sought-after resource for your expertise.


Press Release Distribution

Leedom PR sends out your release to more than 1.7 million highly-targeted journalists.​ We have access to all major media, including NYT, WSJ, Washington Post, Financial Times, ABC, NBC, FOX, etc.​ We can also target specific regions to connect with the audiences you need to reach. Don't waste money targeting the wrong audience.


Press Release Tracking

We track your release to monitor online exposure and report links to you within hours of the release being sent out.


Ongoing Press Release Support

Leedom PR monitors ongoing activity, manages interview requests, and secures the strongest support from media who want to know more about your work. Leveraging your release to create ongoing relationships is a powerful strategy for building long-term success. We recommend sending out releases at least every 90 days to gain the strongest support for your brand.

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Get in Touch to Discuss Rates

Contact us today for a custom quote based on your current needs. If you need immediate assistance please note that in your subject. 

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