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Emotional Branding Design


This is the question top tier speakers and thought leaders know.

Be memorable, sharable, relatable...

The power of Emotional Branding Design


I feel...








Yellow Flowers



How do you make people feel… 

Learn how you authentically connect.

Your audiences, your connections. Your life.

Emotional Branding Design is a widely proven pathway to authentically increase sales and ongoing opportunities, and to build lasting brand loyalty.  Emotional Branding Design works for experts, life coaches, services, and companies who want to build a powerful presence in their community or globally.

I also work with individuals looking for better connection inside families and relationships.


Welcome to my groundbreaking system to design your Emotional Branding Matrix.  This tool moves Emotional Branding into a more sophisticated, more authentic and more complete brand that is memorable and sharable. It informs press releases to create proven impact. 


It launches brands into powerful heart-centered connections with audiences, be that a personal relationship or a brand with an audience of a million+ on a global stage as a company, speaker, media expert or product.

I’m Anne Leedom, and I have worked with thousands of people and companies over the span of my career.  There is a consistent and strategic component I've discovered in my work with thousands that moves the needle in any effective communication exchange, professionally and personally.

Research shows that true emotions happen in seconds based on specific stimuli, and then connects us powerfully with a physical reaction in our bodies. A shudder, your spine tingling, palm sweating, a heart racing, eyes teary, a deep sigh, and other physical reactions all define emotions.

Emotions are not states. Emotions are not feelings. Emotions are not moods.

Emotions are the core foundation, or nucleus as I call them, of a powerful bond that occurs during authentic connections. It is the 'moment of impact' that leads to lasting states, feelings and moods,

and they stir emotions into tangible action.

The science and art of Emotional Branding Design involves discovering your personal, authentic

Emotional Brand.  Your session produces a complete tool that is genuine, positive and provides powerful messaging, and ultimately, communication insights that boosts profound connection and loyalty.

We will work together to design your Matrix, a highly effective and intuitive guide to inform your emotional branding. I will provide detailed integration strategies and the support you need to bring your new Matrix messaging to life, all while maintaining the current branding you may have in place.  It is an additional layer that makes what you currently have far more effective. 

"An emotion is an immediate physiological response to a perceived stimulus. Chemicals are then released throughout our body that last about six seconds.​ Emotions continuously regulate every living cell to adapt to emerging threats and opportunities. They provide raw data about the world around us that is essential to our functioning."​


Your Emotional Branding Matrix is based on the science of emotions, woven effectively and strategically into your presentation materials consistently, and is the essence of effective branding.

Your EBD Matrix is complex so you can create messaging to connect with audiences in various niches.

It is also very specific in its core concept. This prevents you from being lost in the noise of thousands of topic similar experts, authors, coaches and products.

Stand out... It’s about impacting people's hearts, not just connecting to their minds. 



Memorable, sharable, repeatable.

That's effective Emotional Branding Design.

Your Matrix will clarify to you and your audiences how you REALLY want to connect. Move beyond your natural connection tendency and activate your Emotional Branding Design.

Media placements are more effective, public response is powerful,

and you will attract meaningful opportunities.


"Effective branding creates a unique and identifiable concept, graphically and emotionally presented, that results in a loyal, memorable, and tangible reaction for your product or service."


~ Anne Leedom

Karen Corona_edited.jpg

I am ‘over the moon’ to be working with Anne at Leedom PR.  She provides her consulting in Emotional Branding Design in a simple, unique and impactful way.  She has been invaluable to my process of expanding my online platform to be recognized as a thought-leader in my niche.  Because of my work with Anne, I now understand the core of effective branding in a whole new way which creates those ‘moments of impact’ that transforms lives.  She is helping me pave the way so that my voice and message will have impact on a global level.  

~ Karen Corona LCSW; Therapist, Thought-Leader, Coach

Portland, OR

I have worked with thousands of clients in the past 20 years. In studying what creates conversion I have developed a proven system to effectively connect with audiences in the powerful window that creates connection. Publicity is far more effective with a strong Emotional Branding Design that creates loyalty and strategically integrates your brand into your PR materials and over time. 


Creating your Emotional Branding Matrix is the secret to creating 'moments of impact.' Moments that reach out and come back to you in an authentic and meaningful way. Build a solid connection between your gift and what audiences experience on a deep emotional level. Shift your messaging from what you what your audience wants to feel. The more they see themselves in your work, the stronger they will connect with you. Connection builds loyalty.

Emotional Demographic


Are you aware of what your audience is looking for emotionally?

Communicate with your audiences in your materials and content with a highly emotional and authentically branded message. 

Learn the essentials skills of connecting with your audiences emotionally first before you focus on teaching and informing your audience with your methods.

The Science of Emotions


Emotions are unique in that they are connected directly to our bodies and last just seconds.

States like 'confidence' are  sustained ongoing and are a result of an emotion.

Get to the core of the emotion for the state you want to help your audience develop. 

Connect there. That's where the power of real relationships exist. 

Branding Defined

Learn the elements of effective branding. 

For branding to be effective it needs to be impactful, memorable and repetitive.

Are you known for your brand?

The best brands are identifiable in less than 7 words.

I am excited and impressed with Anne's unique approach to branding. She has a sixth sense with her Emotional Branding Design and her creation of an EBD Matrix that cannot be taught. Her passion and acumen for what she does is infectious and encouraging. I am sincerely looking forward for what’s to come by working with Anne and her team.


~ RJ Spina, Author; Supercharged Self-Healing and Change Your Mind

Emotional Branding Design

Work with Anne to discover your authentic Emotional Branding and connect to audiences in a more powerful, effective and lasting way.




"I couldn't have succeeded without Anne's branding and media expertise. Her connections and devotion to building my brand gave me the prominence I needed to attract major media and corporate spokesperson events.

Ongoing Contributor to The Today Show, Dr. Phil and Best-Selling Parenting Author

Palm Springs, CA

Gary Roe.jpg


"Anne and her team have been wonderful to work with! Anne and Rachel delivered exactly as they said they would. Anne's branding strategies are unsurpassed and have moved my business to a whole new level!

Author, Speaker and Grief Specialist




"Anne's Emotional Branding approach has been invaluable in helping me shape my potentially complex messages on nutrition to appeal to a much wider audience. Working with her and Rachel has been a pleasure and an enormous value to my business.

Wellness Author, Journalist 


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