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SipEzy® Straw is a patent pending, clog-free straw. Enjoy your favorite smoothie, flavored water or mixed beverage with no clogs from fruit or veggie pieces, unwanted seeds or ice chips. SipEzy® Flow shift technology means nothing comes between you and your favorite drink.

SipEzy® Clog-Free Straws

SipEzy® is a patent pending clog-free straw. Eliminate clogs from the fruits, veggies, lemon seeds and ice chips in your drinks. No more frustration when you drink your favorite smoothie, mixed drink or any other beverage where clogs are an issue.

It's the smoother, softer sip!

Available only through

Feng shui your world with the flow shift...

Patent pending. Manufactured in the USA.

SipEzy® Straws are eco-friendly, safer and cleaner to use. They are available for wholesale and individual orders.


Please contact us to review pricing and order your straw today. 8mm x 215

Investor inquires welcome here.


Download a flyer for more information about SipEzy® Straws.

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