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Don’t Have A Book? 4 Ways to Promote Your Content to Build Your Platform

Creating content that can be used online will compliment a media campaign and bring your book to the attention of both the public and other media. However, what if you don’t have a book? Can you still create content to secure the exposure you need through an online campaign? The answer is YES!

There are many ways you can create editorial content even if you have never written a word in your life. Content is still the critical key you need to create the exposure on targeted sites. Let’s look at strategies you can pursue to be able to offer relevant content even when writing isn’t your thing.

1. Enlist and editor or a ghostwriter. This is a simple method to create a series of articles based on your information and expertise. If you own a company and/or website that produces children’s clothes for example, there are many ideas you can offer that would appeal to parenting websites. They can be based on fun and practical information, like seasonal style updates or how to pack for an outing or a vacation. Often, simple and entertaining content is the most useful to your targeted websites.

2. Create a partnership with an author or writer in your area of expertise. This is an effective and uncomplicated strategy to affiliate your name with content that relates to your topic. Authors are willing to co-brand articles in exchange for advertising revenue or promotion on your website. Simple adding a “sponsored by” and a mention in the bio is all you need.

3. Access free content websites. There are many available sites you can utilize to develop content related to your topic. Many of these sites allow the content to be used freely and can be branded with a “supplied by” section to call attention to your company or website. Adding a brief introduction can brand the content to be more your own.

4. Provide a news feed to websites that are strategically matched for your content. Offer a unique topic that you can provide a daily/weekly/monthly tip to compliment the content the site currently offers. You can find news sites and press releases to find quality information or utilize the information your company offers to create a unique content package to targeted websites.

There are unlimited ways to create, package and promote your content to websites who can help increase your visibility and bring traffic to your website. Content is an effective, inexpensive and permanent way to build your brand, and to deliver your message to a medium where people seek out the very content you supply.

© Copyright 2023 Anne Leedom

Anne Leedom is the Founder of Leedom PR, a premier online branding and placement agency for experts, authors and products. Anne is featured regularly in national media and has provided the branding strategies for many of today’s leading experts. For more information visit For more information on emotional branding visit


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